About the FFII

The FFII is a global activist network, now covering most continents, with ties to local groups. We are in favour of a free and fair digital society and economy, backed by open standards, competition, and fair laws built through a representative democratic process. We have the technical competence to analyse both new technologies, and proposed legislative change to determine how these will affect you. We build petitions, signature campaigns, and workgroups that focus on many issues. We are engaged with governments, including the European Parliament, and industry at many levels.

Our organisation is self-funded, self-organising, and self-directing. The typical FFII activist is highly educated, independent, wants to work for a better society, and is not afraid to challenge authority. We are funded by individual donations and membership fees, and occasional grants. We do not spend a lot of money but what we receive, we spend with care to help others organise, campaign, and make change.

How the FFII came to be

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